Champions for Excellent Pet Care

In 2013, our Hinesville animal hospital was purchased by Dr. Christa Parrish-Ahrens, renovated, and modernized to better accommodate our patients. Dr. Ahrens and the rest of the team at Liberty Veterinary Medical Center have all shared the same mission since then:  provide pets with the best possible veterinary care. Pets have always been our passion, and keeping them healthy has always been our #1 priority. This is what led us to pursue accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association, also known as AAHA in 2014.

What Is AAHA?

AAHA is a veterinary organization that was established in 1933 by a team of veterinary professionals who wanted to help veterinarians provide high-quality care for their patients. To do this, they created a list of approximately 900 rigorous standards in a number of areas related to managing a veterinary practice, with the goal of:

  • Enhancing veterinarians’ abilities to provide quality veterinary care
  • Enabling veterinarians to effectively manage their practices and maintain high standards of excellence
  • Meeting pet owners’ needs with regards to the delivery of veterinary medicine

AAHA’s benchmarks of excellence address many categories of veterinary medicine, including facility cleanliness, exam facilities, and technology. Any veterinary hospital in the U.S. and Canada can voluntarily be evaluated based on these standards. However, it was not an easy feat. If the practice meets AAHA’s high standards, it’s awarded with the honor of accreditation. Accredited practices can then maintain their accreditation by being reviewed by AAHA’s veterinary experts every three years. Liberty Veterinary Medical Center is pleased to hold the honor of accreditation.

Benefits of an AAHA Accreditation

Because becoming AAHA accredited is voluntary, any practice that demonstrates its ability to meet AAHA’s high standards also demonstrates its commitment to exceptional veterinary medicine. Liberty Veterinary Medical Center is honored to be one of the less than 20% of veterinary hospitals to be accredited. We are also one of only four AAHA-accredited animal hospitals in the entire greater Savannah area and the only AAHA-accredited hospital in Liberty County. As a team, we are dedicated to enhancing and improving the lives and health of your treasured companions with our state-of-the-art service. We also implement a gentle, loving, compassionate approach in all that we do.

You can learn more about AAHA and how our accreditation benefits you and your pet by viewing the video below of AAHA Executive Director Dr. Michael Cavanaugh.